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In tha car. Bring it on


New outfit for your lovely sims today XD
I must say I really love this one so I hope you guys will love it 2 XD


Soo… I want to do a follower gift for my lovely followers!!! haven’t found the time to start yet though have some projects I’m working on ^_^


I made more things for you xD You can tell I’m in a creating spiral!

(In case you didn’t notice I don’t use Comic Sans because I like it, it’s just a joke… and it’s an easy presentation to do… eeeeeeh I said nothing shhh)

The freckles have 2 channels, one for the big freckles and one for the small/less visible freckles.

The moles only have 1 channel.

All of them are located in the blush category, they have thumbnails!

They are all available for female and male and teen to elder. However I don’t know if they look as good for other age groups apart from YA since I made them with the YF UV Map.

I will make more because it’s so fun! But know I want to focus in eyebags or eyebrows!

Don’t be a dick and don’t reupload it to free or paysites, edit it or claim as your own.



aw amazing thoughts !! thank you !

Why Judge Someone ▷


There’s this girl where I work who thinks its “ok” to bring down somebody and she attempts to do this to me everyday… I mean she walk up to me and was like “why do you dress the way you do? showing off your body like that” and in response I was like "Why do you do what you do? Isn’t life about…


Decided to post my Date Night make up ^_^ I rarely ever wear green but it looks soo good!!


[julies]London girls collection

Hi!long time on see everybody<3 i made a  small collection,include a max mara coat acc and a outfit for it,hope you like them

 you’d better use coat poses^___________^

Pose made by my love noelyely^____^amazing always

code list included

Max mara coat acc

  • Mesh by me
  • Fully morphs supported
  • Base Game compatible
  • Female
  • Both package and sims3pack formats available

Outfit(shirt with short jeans)

  • Mesh by me
  • Don’t change color,thank you<3
  • Fully morphs supported
  • Base Game compatible
  • Female-YA/Adult-Everyday.etc
  • Both package and sims3pack formats available

Download(Collection and coat poses (noelyely))

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